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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen elected for 1 year term at the ICANN Board

On 19 October 1999, Karl Auerbach <karl@CaveBear.com> wrote:

>> So, now that Mr.s Cohen and Abril have been officially elected to 
>> the ICANN BoD, may we expect that they'll immediately step down from
>> their positions on the DNSO NC?  It's required by ICANN bylaws.
>Not necessarily.  Under the ICANN bylaws, the nomination process that was
>established by the NC was to have been approved by the ICANN Board.
>The board never gave such approval.
>Consequently, the nomination process itself was not proper.

Ahhh, but Andrew McLaughlin participated in the Sep 30 NC teleconference,
and helped shape the voting procedures used.  You see, the ICANN BoD
approves of the procedures, they just don't care one whit about actually
allowing anyone affected by the procedures to have input to them.

>Now, we of course expect ICANN to abide by its processes, don't we?

No, I fully expect ICANN to continue to steamroll through their agenda,
getting done what they want to get done, and to hell with how it happens.

At this point, about the only thing we can do is continue to point up
the glaring faults in their actions, document everything, and hope that
someone with the authority to do something about this takes notice.

Unfortunately, many of those entities are in bed with, or helped to
create, the current situation.

In the meantime, we can try to lessen the severity of some of the 
proposals, and in so doing hopefully delay the push to turn the Internet
into a worldwide version of U.S. commercial television, where businesses
control the content and consistently push to sell,sell,sell, while the
users sit passively and suck up what the companies feed them, completely
passive and uncaring.

Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA