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Re: [ga] U.S. Shut Out in First Round of Internet Board Elections

Not really,

We have :
1 North american : Jonathan Cohen (Canada)
1 South american : Alejandro Pissanty (Mexican)
1 European : Amadeu Abril (Spain)

We have no Asia no Africa and no Est European

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De : Darrell Greenwood <darrell_greenwood@mindlink.net>
 : ga@dnso.org <ga@dnso.org>
Date : mardi 19 octobre 1999 18:42
Objet : [ga] U.S. Shut Out in First Round of Internet Board Elections

>     U.S. Shut Out in First Round of Internet Board Elections
>     The United States has apparently been shut out in the first round
>     of elections for seats on the Internet's new governing board.
>     According to people close to the election process for the business
>     constituency of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
>     Numbers (ICANN), the vote for the last of its three seats is
>     between a Canadian, a New Zealander and a Ghanaian.
>     The outcome will likely raise eyebrows on Capitol Hill, where some
>     congressmen have been concerned that the Clinton Administration's
>     decision to hand administration of the Internet to the
>     international nonprofit ICANN board is akin to giving away an
>     American-built resource.
>     Officials with the House Commerce Committee, who are closely
>     watching both ICANN and the election process of its newly formed
>     international membership groups, are said to be disturbed by the
>     initial polling results. A committee spokesman, however, declined
>     to comment.
>     ICANN's Domain Name Supporting Organization, the business
>     constituency, is the first group holding elections. Its 19-member
>     Names Council plans to finish voting Wednesday. Last week it
>     elected Alejandro Pisanty, a Mexican computer scientist, and Amadeu
>     Abril i Abril, a Spanish law professor, to fill the other two
>     seats.
>     The finalists for its last seat are Jonathan Cohen, a trademark
>     lawyer from Canada, Peter Dengate Thrush, a trademark lawyer from
>     New Zealand, and Nii Quaynor, a computer scientist from Ghana,
>     according to people involved in the process.
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