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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen, hander-out of domain names

On 19-Oct-99 dstein@travel-net.com wrote:
>> Jonathan Cohen, quoted at the Industry Canada Domain and
>> Trademark
>> Workshop, Ottawa 1997:
>>       "I don't think we should hand out domains with 
>>        generic names, I mean some guy has patents.com 
>>        and that's just not right."
>> What does Mr. Cohen, slated for a seat on the ICANN Board, mean
>> by
>> "I don't think we should hand out domains"? Who is the "we"?
>> The ICANN Board? Himself, Jon Cohen?
>> Is that Mr. Cohen's new function on the ICANN Board: to decide
>> which
>> domain names are given out? 
> Michael,
> I was there at the meeting. It took place in Ottawa a long time
> ago before 
> ICANN existed. I think it was the first time I met him.
> I dont pretend to speak for Jonathon, but I can guarantee that he
> wasnt 
> speaking for ICANN or the ICANN board at that time. Nobody was.

No, but it certainly shows a lack of understanding of the dns
system, which his firm's website touts him as being an expert in.

And it shows the quality of person that the is being appointed
through this illusory "bottom up" organizational structure.

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