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Re: [ga] Election of the third candidate, 1 year term at the ICANNBoard.

> The NC voting for the ICANN Board members.
> Election of the third candidate, 1 year term at the ICANN Board.
>  In the DNSO selection process for the 1-year ICANN Board seat, a technical
>  glitch was discovered on Friday, October 15th before the process was
>  completed.  The Names Council immediately stopped the process, thoroughly
>  investigated the issue, corrected the glitch and then continued the process
>  on Monday, October 18th. It is anticipated that the process will be
>  completed by Tuesday, October 19th.

The entertainment never stops.  Just what do you mean by technical glitch.
I know this entertainment has a punch line somewhere - what is it liz.

Joe Baptista

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