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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

I am not familiar with what records are considered open or public domain in
other jurisdictions, perhaps someone can help me here.  The major threat I see
to privacy are court records.  Divorce opens up all of an individual's financial
records.  Contested Personal Injury accidents open up medical records.  Current
U.S./Texas practice is not to seal these records so they are all available to
post on the Internet and with the direction entities are going it will not be
long until they are there.

Perhaps I should make something affecting my positions clear.  I am currently
arguing in the U.S. Federal Court System that local laws should all be public
domain and not subject to copyright.  I have trouble arguing that information
which is available to someone walking up to a desk should not be available on
the net.  People should have access to the same data that the newspaper has
access to.

Peter Veeck wrote:

> Srikanth,
> To take a parochial view, Corporations doing business in the State of Texas are
> required to register with the Texas Secretary of State.  There is a statutory
> requirement that dba's register with the County Clerk within 90 days.  These
> records are all available for public inspection. How are the registry databases
> any different?
> Srikanth Narra wrote:
> > Peter
> >
> > You got a point there.
> >
> > Maybe instead we can have a system where you call the whois keeper and he in
> > turn calls me or emails me - I (instead of you) pay for the privilege of
> > receiving the such message.
> >
> > Sri
> >
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> > Srikanth,
> >
> > Is there a reason I should have to pay to advise you that there is porn on
> > your
> > site and your email is being returned or being pirated.  I am already paying
> > for
> > the phone call.  Wouldn't it be better to do it like the phone company where
> > you
> > have to pay extra for an unlisted number?  That way would be posting a do
> > not
> > disturb sign.  Do not disturb me if my server goes down. I WANT to know when
> > one
> > of my servers goes down. I'll continue to hit the delete button 20 times a
> > day,
> > write complaints, and call toll free numbers.
> >
> > Peter Veeck