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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

On Mon, 18 Oct 1999 karl@bostonlight.com wrote:

>     The dot.god and dot.satan top level domains will both support
>     anonymous registrations.  
> I'm not familiar with dot.god and dot.satan and some web searches turned
> up nothing.  Could you elucidate please?

January is the roll out date.  Watch then.  They are popular tld's with
irc boy and girls.

>     Any addressing information is between the
>     registrar and the domain holder, and not the business of anyone else.
> May I ask on what basis you make this statement?  

Sure.  It's called standard business practices.  Information between
yourself and your customers is kept confidential.  That's the rule in

The whois is a database who's time has passed.  All one needs is to be
able to contact the other side is a simple email address.  Anything more
is marketing generousity to one's competitors.

Joe Baptista

> The agreement that registrars make with ICANN
>    http://www.icann.org/nsi/icann-raa-28sept99.htm
> says in Part F, Public Access to Data on SLD Registrations
> that the `name and postal address of the SLD holder' must be listed/made
> available in whois.   Admittedly `holder' is somewhat vague and you
> might be able to argue that this could be the registrar or some agent
> registration, on behalf of the person/organization who actually requested
> the domain name and will own it.
> I hope so.  I'd very much prefer to not list the domain name owner
> contact information, and am searching for arguments to help our legal
> folks buy into the idea.
> Thanks for any information,
> karl@f7.net