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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

    The dot.god and dot.satan top level domains will both support
    anonymous registrations.  

I'm not familiar with dot.god and dot.satan and some web searches turned
up nothing.  Could you elucidate please?

    Any addressing information is between the
    registrar and the domain holder, and not the business of anyone else.

May I ask on what basis you make this statement?  

The agreement that registrars make with ICANN
says in Part F, Public Access to Data on SLD Registrations
that the `name and postal address of the SLD holder' must be listed/made
available in whois.   Admittedly `holder' is somewhat vague and you
might be able to argue that this could be the registrar or some agent
registration, on behalf of the person/organization who actually requested
the domain name and will own it.

I hope so.  I'd very much prefer to not list the domain name owner
contact information, and am searching for arguments to help our legal
folks buy into the idea.

Thanks for any information,