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Re: [ga] H.R. 3028 and ICANN UDRP

Please remove all references to my messeges from this racial dicussion. From
where I sit everyone comes across as black type on a white screen.  There are
many issues involved here and for me race is definately not one of them. I am not
color blind only blind (partially) as many os us are and am trying to find my way
through legitimate discussion not baiting.

Peter Veeck

"J. Baptista" wrote:

> What would you call it.  I see no other reason why Nii was rejected.  Now
> I may be wrong.  I was born with the unfortunate disability of being color
> blind.  So if I'm wrong, please - anyone - convence me otherwise.
> To date we have a nice white board.
> Look at Cohen, who was choose over Nii.  Cohens a nice white boy.  Is
> Cohen more qualified then Nii.  No he is not.  Just ask my dear friend
> former Chief Billy McCormack of the metro police (toronto).  Little Billy
> once called associates of Mr. Cohen mafia.  Of course Billy was later
> forced to retract it.
> That's what our organization the GA is electing.  Crap for representation.
> It's a real bummer, and a real shame.
> Regards
> Joe Baptista