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Re: [ga] H.R. 3028 and ICANN UDRP

At 12:19 AM 10/16/1999 +0200, Per Koelle wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Joseph Friedman wrote:
> > Governing authority on the Internet has always been derived from 
> consensus,
> > the fact that the U.S Government created what is the Internet)--but
>You may then say that the USG has the legal rights to the nuclear bomb!!
>I can think of a couple of countries that would challenge this.
>Maybe they made an INTRA-net, OK just leave that to the USG and let
>the rest of the *world* do the INTER-net.

The US may technically have the legal rights to the nuclear bomb, but the 
Soviets stole it and theres nothing the US can do about that, despite their 

And the US military started what is the Internet.