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[ga] Internet Board Election Is Delayed

WASHINGTON -- The first effort to build an elected body to handle
     the administration of the Internet was stalled on Friday when
     technical problems delayed voting for the first three elected seats
     on the Internet's new governing board.

     With a Mexican academic and a Spanish law professor clinching the
     first two seats, voting on Friday had narrowed the candidates for
     third seat elected seat on the Internet Corporation for Assigned
     Names and Numbers (ICANN) to three North Americans and a New
     Zealander. But technical problems delayed final action until
     Monday, participants in the election said.

     When voting was suspended, Jonathan Cohen, a Canadian trademark
     lawyer, led with six votes. Peter Dengate-Thrush, a trademark
     lawyer from New Zealand, was second with five votes.

     Rick White, a former Congressman from Seattle, and Don Telage, an
     executive with Network Solutions Inc., were tied with three votes
     each. And Nii Quaynor, a computer scientist from Ghana, had two
     votes, apparently eliminating him from the next round.


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