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[ga] Re: H.R. 3028 and ICANN UDRP

There has been some talking about H.R. 3028 and legitimacy (sp!)...

The Interim (initial) Board of Directors was not elected, and it has done a work.
Time will tell how well or how bad it was done.  But... who elected them ? In the
USA Congress there is papers that says many differente things... and some
points in the Bylaws are not reflecting what the White Paper and what the USA
goverment (Clinton's Administration) wanted to do with the IANA/INTERNET
administration (that was in the hands of the NSF/IANA).
So... legitimacy is a word that we have to spell it with care... our task is to do
all the efforts done to create the ICANN a valid proposal.  Our task is to solve
the legitimacy problem in wich the ICANN was born.

The INT domain:
fax over IP was not an international organization betwen countries (goverments
of those countries).  It was created as many things in the internet: as a service,
withouth thinking how powerfull and moneyfull will be the internet and how many
different kinds of interests will be inside the Internet... as many things in the first
days of the internet it was a matter of calling a friend and telling "hey, I have this
idea... lets do it! ".

Javier Rodriguez                   jrl@mail.lima.net.pe