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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

Just for clarity, the entirety of the text Peter quoted was Sri Narra's,
not mine.


On 15 October 1999, Peter Veeck <veeck@texoma.net> wrote:

>"Mark C. Langston" wrote:
>> On 15 October 1999, Srikanth Narra <snarra@talus.net> wrote:
>> >May be we can take a clue from the way credit files are kept in US and use
>> >the same model.
>> >
>> >The whois records stay private with register. Anyone wants to take a look a
>> >them pays a nominal amount by verifiable means like credit card or a check
>> >for the privileage to see the information. (that should cover the registers
>> >expenses for keeping the records private and to fend the queries).
>I use whois to fight spam abuse.  Are  Spam complaints going to be taken over 
>ICANN or a subset thereof?
>Peter Veeck