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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

> There you go again, Karl
> You know that the Privacy Act pertains only to government,
> while the Internet and ICANN were liberated of all
> such connections by DOC fiat.

It actually pertains to databases that are controlled by the government.
There is a yet undecided matter whenterh NSF actually contracted to have
whois built.

And if NTIA directs the whois to move from NSI, then there is an issue of
"control" that triggers the act if it wasn't triggered already.

> Why not let the state courts iron it all out as a matter of
> privacy torts?  (Or does that mean the whole planet is now
> governed by Virginia's privacy torts?)

I can imagine the fun if every local jurisdiction applies its own privacy
laws.  ;-)

California even has privacy written into the state Constitution.  And
ICANN is a California corporation.