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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

I respectfully disagree and remind Bill that there are non-trademark issues
involved every so often.  How about mere consumer protection?  Certainly in
the commercial sphere the identity of a merchant should not be anonymous
and there are strong policy arguments for full disclosure.  If someone has
to contact a registrar each time they want to verify the identity of a
vendor on the web (and "justify" a valid need), it would have a chilling
effect on ecommerce.  And the registrars don't want to field these calls,

If it's an anti-Pinochet website, that's another story, which is why these
policies should be flexible.

>This contact information should be private, I believe. If someone needs
>contact imformation (for example, a trademakr attorney) about a domain name
>holder, they should reveal what they need it for and who they are to the
>registrar/registry before private information is given to them. 
>If they can not justify a valid need for this information, it should be
>What does the rest of the DNSO think?
>Bill Semich
>.NU Domain

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