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[ga] Re: Geographical distribution on ICANN BoD

Dear Roberto,

That's what NCDNHC Names Council members have concerned so far 
since the # 2 election. Today we are having the last election day for the
DNSO Board Dirctor and this would be the last chance for Africa region
to have their own representative out of 19 ICANN Board members in LA.

If we can end up with Nii in today's election, we can barely
say that ICANN finally achieved GD through DNSO Board election,
which first came out with Alejadro's three-year-term entry,
the first Latin America ICANN Board Director.

If hoply and possibly this election's last beneficiary may go to Nii,
this would set another historical moment within the ICANN, too.

The Names Council has chosen 
"The first Africa ICANN Board Director" and 
"The highest number of supports among all nominees in the GA"

I really hope NC can contribute itself to making the balanced-Board 
prior to the LA ICANN meeting. 

I'm appealing this as both GA member and NC member to all of you.


YJ Park

>Dear Name Council members,
>If you don't feel like reading about an issue related to the ongoing
>election, please delete this message or save it for later, when the election
>will be over.
>I would like to make a plea for the geographical distribution on the BoD
>being elected these days.
>The DNSO has the possibility to elect a Director coming from Africa. This is
>very unlikely to happen in the ASO (who will most probably select people
>from ARIN, RIPE-NCC, APNIC), or in the PSO (where the candidates will most
>probably come from the more technologically advanced regions).
>I know that most if not all of you have very definite ideas on the
>candidate(s) to support, and I understand very well that your first duty is
>to act in the interest of the constituency you represent and to which you
>are accountable for, but I just thought that you'll never know what can
>happen in a "musical-chair-like" election process: your favorite
>candidate(s) may drop out early in the game, and you may therefore consider
>at a certain point in time to favour a candidate that, if not directly
>related to the interests of the constituency you represent, will give a sign
>to the outside world of the true international vocation of ICANN.
>Moreover, you may know that Nii Quaynor has wide support in the GA, not only
>because of his regional origin, but also because of his integrity and moral
>To elect a candidate that has the support of the GA (the highest number of
>supporting statements among all nominated candidates) will also help in
>enhancing the positive collaboration between the Council and the GA, which
>is, IMHO, one of the key issues for the success of the DNSO.
>Best regards
>Roberto Gaetano
>(former member of the NCDNHC, but not belonging to any Constituency since