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Re: [ga] H.R. 3028 and ICANN UDRP

On 13-Oct-99 Dan Birchall wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 02:11:58PM -0700, idno@tallship.net
> wrote:
>> What I find really scary, is that in order to legislate
>> circumstances
>> surrounding gTLDs, isn't the Congress implying that ownership,
>> or at least
>> jurisdiction is in the United States? I'm not aware of any
>> International
>> treaty or body - other than ICANN, and that's a California
>> Corporation.
>> Let me take that one step further....
>> It's ICANN.ORG,
>> Not...
> Was ICANN established as the result of an international treaty?
> .INT is usually reserved for international treaty organizations.
> (It's also probably easier in general to get a .ORG than an .INT,
> since you can just go to your registrar of choice, and not IANA,
> er, uh, ICANN. ;)

Well, Dan, if tpc.int can get a domain under .int, surely ICANN
can.  I serously doubt there are any international treaties
creating the TPC internet->fax gateway service.

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