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Re: [ga] The North American DNSO BoD chair

Is there any screening currently on who can join the GA, that this is even 
an issue?


At 01:13 PM 10/13/1999 -0700, you wrote:

>The IDNO, having petitioned to be a DNSO constituency, is as involved with
>domain name matters as the other groups that were automatically
>grandfathered into the GA for purposes of making nominations.
>I certainly don't see anything wrong with correcting that flaw by
>suggesting to IDNO members that they get involved with the GA.
>And if you examine the archives, you have not seen me complaining about
>others who have also increased the size, and hence, the representation and
>diversity of the GA.
>I'm a supporter of full participation by everybody.  I think anybody who
>has an interest in these matters, not just GA "members" ought to have not
>merely a role in nominating, but also of electing.
>I do, however, would think that having a clear "record" date to establish
>the nominating/voting body would be a good thing.
>                 --karl--