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RE: [ga] The North American DNSO BoD chair

Well Put Tripp.

For a brief while (fastly fading now) - Karl's possible election generated
some real hope and credibility - enough to make the process worth actively
following and participating in.

Atleast 5000 members..hmmm. 

Well, if we have to, I guess we are all better off searching for those new
members in existing well represented US, Europe, other Western areas  and
their satellites - where everyone has abundant band width to throw around -
rather than asking the 'third' world people to spare their scare and
expensive bandwidth for participation at this stage. 

I have been trying to drum up some academics and others from India to catch
up and participate in this process - finding it extremely difficult to
convince them to invest their resources on what they by their very initial
assessment seems to have pegged it a pretty much gone case...

The ostrich mentality of hiding head in sand while doing things and hoping
no one is watching needs to go away.

There is a surprisingly large audience out there that is (or will in visible
horizon be) reviewing this whole process with a fine comb. Dare I say,
maybe, study for a high school history project in not too distinct future ?

From a third world perspective, UN is already a dead tea shop and lost deal
as far as they are concerned. 

And in this era and time of internet - with internet (positively one of the
most incredible creations of humankind till date) - where its so hard to
hide what one says and does - this more-UN-than-real-UN-type of stealth
activity and wheel dealing is really not encouraging for meaningful larger