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Re: [ga] The North American DNSO BoD chair

The IDNO, having petitioned to be a DNSO constituency, is as involved with
domain name matters as the other groups that were automatically
grandfathered into the GA for purposes of making nominations.

I certainly don't see anything wrong with correcting that flaw by
suggesting to IDNO members that they get involved with the GA.

And if you examine the archives, you have not seen me complaining about
others who have also increased the size, and hence, the representation and
diversity of the GA.

I'm a supporter of full participation by everybody.  I think anybody who
has an interest in these matters, not just GA "members" ought to have not
merely a role in nominating, but also of electing.

I do, however, would think that having a clear "record" date to establish
the nominating/voting body would be a good thing.