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RE: [ga] The North American DNSO BoD chair


Let's see if we can find some common ground.

You wrote:
> Don't be silly.  Karl's email message requesting members of the IDNO 
> to join the GA and support him is archived at 
>    http://list.idno.org/archives/idno-discuss.archive.9909/0321.html

Personally, I don't think that to ask for support is a crime. It is called
"campaign" ;>) and is respectable.
The people that were called for support were, in majority, people that have
participated in the debates in the last years, and that just happened to
focus their interest not on the general DNSO lists but on the building of a
new constituency, to be part of the DNSO if recognized by ICANN in November.
Therefore, people that were ideally in the DNSO debate, but just focusing on
a different task at the moment.

Some of the supporters of various candidates, OTOH, I have never heard of
before, and I'm ready to bet I will never hear again (with the possible
exception of another round of elections - sorry, of nominations).
I am making this additional remark not because I think that this is an
"illegal" activity, but just to further justify Karl's action "morally" (if
need there were to be), while to ask to some parents and friends (I am
extremising, of course) to join a mailing list and to cast a vote for
something you may not even have heard what is all about is something I find
less ethically correct (but still "legal").