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Re: [ga] Nominations

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 11:29:33AM -0500, Peter Veeck wrote:
> Perhaps I was not clear enough.  As with all of us, my involvement with
> the Internet is covered by multiple constituencies.  I have been asked
> by Internet Texoma, an ISP, to be their representative to ispcp.

Then, to my knowledge, Caroline Chicoine has nothing whatsoever to 
do with it, and it is not surprising that she did not respond to 
what must have seemed a strange request.

> I
> operate several non-profit web sites and maintain the Texoma MHMR
> network, which bring me under the "ncdnh" Constituency.  I am involved
> in a Federal copyright lawsuit as to whether locally adopted laws can be
> posted on the net which interests me in the intellectual property
> constituency.
> Peter Veeck

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