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Re: [ga] The North American DNSO BoD chair

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 09:08:45AM -0800, Ellen Rony wrote:
> Kent Crispin wrote:
> >Please note that potentially similar actions on the part of Rick
> >White's supporters have been heavily criticized, with at least one
> >person stating that the election should be invalidated if Mr White
> >was elected.   By that same reasoning, of course, the election would
> >have to be invalidated if Karl were elected.
> This is an inaccurate statement.  All candidates supporters must be
> verified but it doesn't follow that all nominees would be invalidated.
> Those who failed to receive 10 qualified support statements should have
> their candidacy invalidated. 

In Karl's particular case, it is the candidate himself who was 
engaged in "nomination stuffing".


> >Yes.  I am motivated by the attempt by Karl to pack the nominations
> >by getting a large number of people to join the GA solely to support
> >him.
> This claim is unsupportable.

Don't be silly.  Karl's email message requesting members of the IDNO 
to join the GA and support him is archived at 


Given the irregularities in the IDNO, there is a fair probability 
that the message will be removed or altered, so I would look quickly 
(I will reproduce it below -- you can check my reproduction for 

> Karl has been a long and active participant
> in these discussions and has broad support because of his interesting blend
> of legal training and technical expertise.  OTOH, I learned that a
> nominator of one of the candidates joined a constituency on the last day
> that nominations could be submitted and an active campaign to flush out
> support for that nominee immediately ensued.

That is *precisely* what Karl was asking people to do.

> What would you suggest the Names Council do, Kent, if we learned after the
> elections that one of the new ICANN board members actually didn't meet the
> nomination criteria?  There's always time to do things over but never time
> to do them right!

I don't know, Ellen -- what would you suggest we do if we discovered 
that one of the candidates deliberately tried to rig the nomination 

Here is Karl's email message, pasted directly from the idno archive:


[IDNO-DISCUSS] My nomination in the GA

Karl Auerbach (karl@cavebear.com)
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 13:33:46 -0700 (PDT) 

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As you may or may not know I have been nominated in the DNSO GA for one
the ICANN board seats.

But I need support.

And support can only come if one has joined the GA mailing list (or is in
one of the "recognized" constituencies.)

To join the GA, send to majordomo@dnso.org with the words "subscribe ga"
in the text. There will be an email handshake you need to do to close the

And then, and only then, can you give support by:

In order to validly nominate or second me, you must send the following
information to:


1. Full name:

2. E-mail address:

3. Organization you work for (if apply):

4. Name of the person being nominated or supported:

Of course even if nominated, I still would have to pass muster by the 19
people on the names council itself.



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