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RE: [ga] Rick White's nomination -- Newsbytes report

Mark Langston wrote:
> Newsbytes is reporting that at least 5 of the people supporting Rick
> White's nomination as a candidate for the ICANN BoD are NOT members of
> the DNSO.

If this is true, it is obvious that that the candidature is invalid (and
therefore even the election, supposing that the Council will elect him,
which I really doubt).
But, as I said in an earlier post, either we prove it, or we drop the issue.

> Mike Roberts attempts to weasel out of this violation.
> Prediction:  Rick White's seat on the BoD is fait accompli.

Since you started the betting game, here's my bet.
As I said in a couple of personal messages even before the nomination
process started, my bet is that for the North American region David Maher
will be elected.
Of course, I understand that he has lesser chances now that another
candidate from Non-Com has been elected, but in this case the alternate will
rather be Jonathan Cohen.
The point is that, in spite of all the discussions about his name, Rick
White cannot enjoy hardly any support from the non-US members of the
council, and therefore will not be elected (my personal opinion only, of

> Article is at:

Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA