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Re: [ga] H.R. 3028 and ICANN UDRP

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Mark C. Langston wrote:

> A few items that are gnawing at me:
> What will be the result if the current H.R. 3028 (Rogan's
> anti-cybersquatting bill, similar to Abraham's S. 1255 bill) is
> passed, and conflicts with ICANN's UDRP?  Which one will give?
> ...and what does the existence of these bills in the US Congress say about
> either the US Government's need to control DNS, ICANN's foray into
> policy matters that are not directly technical, or both?


What I find really scary, is that in order to legislate circumstances
surrounding gTLDs, isn't the Congress implying that ownership, or at least
jurisdiction is in the United States? I'm not aware of any International
treaty or body - other than ICANN, and that's a California Corporation.

Let me take that one step further....





> Again, we're seeing the line between law and ICANN blurred, and it's
> making me very nervous.

And the lines of Political boudaries too, where jurisdiction is concerned.