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RE: [ga] Fwd: ICANN prepares a Congressional fix with Rick White's GIP inspired candidacy

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:

> Mikki,
> You wrote (on behalf of Gordon Cook, who reads in copy):
> > 
> > >>
> > >>As ICANN moves to break its by laws one more time by nominating and 
> > >>then placing ex congressman Rick White on its  board lets look one 
> > >>more time at its origins.
> > >>
> I must have missed something.
Yes, you did.

> A different question is how comes that a candidate is coming out of the
> blue, supported by a (small) list of people that for the most part have
> never posted a single message to the GA so far.

It doesn't take a bloodhound does it?

> feel
> free to continue in your campaign, but don't expect to be listened.

Actually, she should know that many of us here take what she says with
severe gravity, so...

1.) please don't put words in my mouth while at the same time insulting
Ms. Barry


2.) You can always unsubscribe because she will be continue to be listened
> Regards
> Roberto

Whatever bob.