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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Rick White's nomination -- Newsbytes report

On 12 October 1999, Ellen Rony <erony@marin.k12.ca.us> wrote:

>Mark Langston wrote:
>>Typically, when a vote
>>is announced, the membership eligible for voting is 'frozen', meaning only
>>those qualified to vote ***when the vote is announced*** may vote, or in
>>this case, nominate.
>>To pursue any other course is to invite stuffing and capture of
>>exactly the sort that AT&T is attempting right now with Mr. White.
>I certainly agree that the eligibility should have been frozen before the
>deadline for nominations and support statements, but the Names Council
>apparently didn't anticipate this situation.  Further, I cannot find any NC
>language that says a candidate for the DNSO representation to the ICANN
>board actually needs to be a member of the DNSO.  In other words, the
>supporters must meet the criteria I posted in my last message but
>apparently the nominee is not required to do so.  Has anyone found text to
>indicate otherwise?

No, there is no language to that effect, but then, that wasn't the
point of the article or my post. The nomination of Mr. White was done
by someone who joined a constituency the day they nominated Mr. White,
which was well after the vote was announced.

The NC now has two courses of action:

1)  They invalidate the nomination,
2)  They allow the nomination and proceed with Mr. White as a candidate.

To be fair, the NC should pursue #1.  However, my money's on #2, with
Mr. White probably being elected, even though Karl Auerbach has more 
GA supporters than any other candidate.

In short, the NC's going to follow the money and influence rather than
the will of the body, as usual.

Nothing to see here, folks, business as usual.  Move along.

P.S.  when, oh, when are we ever going to begin to focus on the 5,000-
member at-large membership drive, so we can get rid of these despotic
BoD members?  Or at least outvote them?  If they want to say 5,000 people
is was it's going to take, I say we mobilize those 5,000 people, demand
our rights under their rule, then shove their BoD down their own throat
and outvote or deadlock them on any issue the whole doesn't agree with.
Until we do this, the entire process is captured, captured, captured.

Anyone wishing to head up a drive to get these 5,000 people signed on,
get in touch with me.  We're doing this here, we're doing this now.
And I'll be damned if they'll continue to ignore the will of the whole.


Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA