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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Rick White's nomination -- Newsbytes report

On 12 October 1999, Ellen Rony <erony@marin.k12.ca.us> wrote:

>Five supporters can be confirmed from the GA list.The nominator and another
>supporter are apparently members of a constituency, the former joining the
>day he placed White's name in nomination.  However,  I do not assume that
>becoming a member of a constituency is the same as subscribing to its list.
>Nonetheless, that still leaves three names in question, and if two of those
>do not qualify, White cannot be considered a valid candidate.

That right there should disqualify this candidate.  Typically, when a vote
is announced, the membership eligible for voting is 'frozen', meaning only
those qualified to vote ***when the vote is announced*** may vote, or in 
this case, nominate.

To pursue any other course is to invite stuffing and capture of
exactly the sort that AT&T is attempting right now with Mr. White.

Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA
NP:  Henry Rollins' spoken word: "Sweatbox:Santa Cruz Pig"