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RE: [ga] Fwd: ICANN prepares a Congressional fix with Rick White's GIP inspired candidacy

You wrote (on behalf of Gordon Cook, who reads in copy):
> >>
> >>As ICANN moves to break its by laws one more time by nominating and 
> >>then placing ex congressman Rick White on its  board lets look one 
> >>more time at its origins.
> >>

I must have missed something.

How is it that Rick White's nomination is considered to break ICANN's laws?

What I see at http://www.dnso.org/nominees/rwh.html is a list of more than
10 supporters. Provided that they are either subscribed to GA-List or any of
the other lists that give the right to nominate/support (and that should be
easily verifyable - probably it has already been done by DNSO-Listadmin),
the nomination looks perfectly legal to me.

A different question is how comes that a candidate is coming out of the
blue, supported by a (small) list of people that for the most part have
never posted a single message to the GA so far. But that's life.
Let's be clear: I am not supporting at all Rick White as candidate, and
personally think that his election is not in the best interest of the
Internet, but I am not willing to endorse the fraud theory, unless proven.
So, please, if you have elements that prove the fraud, please present them
before the election is done, in the interest of us all. If you don't, feel
free to continue in your campaign, but don't expect to be listened.