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Re: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, J. Baptista wrote:

> To Frank, the existing ICANN process as it exists represents instability.
> Instability means his businesses could suffer.  When you rely on the
> internet for commerce, and you realize a group of people are about to
> jeopardize everything you've build, a few naughty words barely express the
> anger.  So believe me, Frank was being kind.

But the same holds true for when you rely on the Internet for something
other than commerce of goods and services, and realize a group of
latecomers are going to jeopardize everything you had built long before
they smelled the winds of profit wafting past their noses. 

Frank may be a businessman, but Tripp(tm) is an artist, philosopher,
tinkerer, and evangelist. Tripp(tm) is concerned that the whole mess is
going to run roughshod over his tiny voice, all in the name of "business"
and a too-narrowly defined notion of "commerce". What of the commerce of
ideas?  What of commerce between individuals, without the (ahem) benefit
of "businessmen"?

Don't get me wrong... Tripp(tm) is also a "businessman", inasmuch as he
has clients, and charges them for his services. He even has an investment
in the notion of "trademark", feeling it's preferable to sign one's work,
and prevent forgery of the signature, than to copyright one's work, and
try to prevent its flourishing under others' able hands (Tripp(tm) is a
Free Software Zealot(tm)).

But Tripp(tm) also believes that there's an awful lot of boo-hooing and
bellyaching going on by "businessmen" with entirely too much money to
waste and thirst for control of a market they didn't even create. 
Tripp(tm)  believes that satire and comedy are valuable, right alongside
critical commentary and even ads that begin with "we're better than Brand
X because..." 

In fact, Tripp(tm) will be the first to call up and congratulate whomever
registers the domain "trippscompanysucksrocks.com" for being astute enough
to recognize that even the best have to have their detractors and
skeptics. Even though that's a clear violation of Tripp(tm)'s trademark on
the use of 'Tripp(tm)' in any context (predating the Carver Tripp(tm) 
stain and Tripp Lite(tm) surge protection folks by some number of years, I

- tripp(tm)

Tripp(tm) Lilley * tripp(tm)@perspex.com * http://stargate.sg505.net/~tlilley/
"Isn't that fascism?"  "No, because we don't call it fascism."

- Kyle and Mr. Broflofski, the South Park Sexual Harassment episode