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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Who distributes root list?

On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, Kent Crispin wrote:

> Santiago meeting; how to deal with the press, and a bunch of other 
> stuff. 
> http://wxw.dso.net/ca-steering, on the other hand, documents a major 
> rift.

Interesting stuff.  I noticed I had alot to do with the rift.  The
committee members keep insisting I don't exist and that no one takes me
seriously, yet they spent enough time writing about me ;-)

Most entertaining.

Oh well, the only important thing here is that you can't hold the idno up
to account.  It's still a developing organization.  The membership numbers
have little significance in the real world.  I've keep telling them to
increase the numbers.  If the IDNO could set aside it's personal
prejudices, which I have seen as being anything from rants and defamatory
remarks against members .. to calling women dogs - don't ask - I had a
hard time with it myself.

But as I said, if it could set aside the garbage and concentrate on some
number crunching and get the membership numbers up, I feel confident the
IDNO can make a difference to ICANN and the DNSO.

A good example was my privacy was violated by one of the committee
members.  Instead of dealing with it, the committe member defends himself
by saying my actions are simular to the actions we have taken agains
robert shaw, which is completely out to lunch - which see ..


in which good ol William Walsh said ..

"He will raise a stink, yes, somewhat similar to his little game with
Bob Shaw, but we all know no on took that seriously, and no one would take
him seriously on this either."

Bob Shaw is a rare bar fly in the wind, who has called us US Spy's.
That's very different from violating our privacy.

Because of the IDNO problems, I want to ensure the DNSO understands we do
not support the IDNO's membership at this time.  The IDNO needs time to
grow and establish itself.  Unlike ICANN it should refrain from jumping
into the fire until it's ready to take the heat.

Joe Baptista

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