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[ga] PCCF opens DNS speakers corner.


It's a pleasure to announce that we have setup a toll free number to
collect opinions on what you think of DNS governance issues.  The service
will allow you to remain anonymous.  U.S. Residents only - unfortunately.
The toll free number is 1-877-494-4980 extension 757.

We will post these voice messages to a web page and the comments made may 
be made available to over 100,000 domain name system administrators who
are part of our BIND 1999 survey. 

For now this is a small test of the service so please excuse the rough
voice on the other end of the line.  You'll be hearing my voice, which
hopefully will be replaced with a much nicer sexy femfatal voice later in
the week.

Joe Baptista

Planet Communication & Computing Facility           212.894.3704 x1033
Public Access Internet Research Publisher           419.821.8581 fax
Centro Planetario de Communicaciones y Computacion  888.830.5744 x3223