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Re: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

Javier Rodriguez wrote:

> Alejandro Pisanty wrote:
> >May I also suggest that we take steps to invite members of the
> >constituencies to participate more in GA activities inasmuch as possible,
> >in order not to have the GA assume more and more the characteristics of a
> >constituency of its own.

Oyes, Javier, porque no me hablas en Castellano, si quieres comunicarte conmigo,
vete a la....
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Saludos desde Otttawa,

> I support this idea that comes from our mexican friend Alejandro.
> If we want the GA list becomes "THE" list where all the DNSO themes are
> talked in depth (sp!) and a point of reference for other people related to
> the ICANN process tha maybe not are aware of the technical, comercial,
> daily issues (like some of the GAC members who are diplomatics, ambassadors,
> who dont need to know so much about the internet but ARE members of the
> GAC).
> Lets invite members of other constituencies AND members of other bodies
> of the ICANN.
> Javier Rodriguez
> Lima, Peru.
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