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Re: [ga] DNSO Expenses

(oops, hate to submit it twice, but that darned cc: rule is such a pain.
Let me see if I can retype exactly what I said last time):

On 8 October 1999, "Christopher Ambler" <cambler@iodesign.com> wrote:

>>   * web hosting,
>>   * web maintenance (for each of the 9 bodies)
>>   * mailing list services (for each of the 9 bodies)
>If I had any illusion that this was a fair and open process, I'd
>be happy to have Image Online Design provide these
>The past 2 months have shown me that this is just an
>elaborate and expensive stage show. I'll pass.

Furthermore, the 9 bodies should have their choice of web hosting,
maintenance, and mailing list.  I can imagine several instances where
a body (e.g., the GA) would benefit from not being controlled by the
DNSO secretariat, and subject to another body that seems content to
act without the knowledge or consent of the other bodies.

Mark C. Langston
Systems Admin
San Jose, CA