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[ga] Illicit candidacies for DNSO Board seats

The NC resolution on DNSO Board seats
states that: "The Names Council has resolved that
a candidate, in order to be nominated must have the support of, at
least, 10 members of the General Assembly. For this purpose, anybody
who is subscribed to the General Assembly mailing list, the Announce
mailing list or the list of one of the Constituencies of the DNSO is
considered a member of the General Assembly."

Does the NC pretend that supporters of candidates must be members of
a DNSO mailing list but not the candidates themselves?

The DNSO has been very restrictive about who may become a member of
its constituencies. Does the NC now pretend that the DNSO's ICANN
Board candidates are not subject to a restriction at least
equal to that imposed on constituency members?

It would seem that, in its haste to form itself and hold elections,
the DNSO has forgotten to define who may and who may not be a
candidate, perhaps assuming that no one who was not involved in the
DNSO and not a stakeholder in the process would ever dare to present
themself. However, factions that would manipulate the DNSO's Board
seats are now attempting to take advantage of that oversight in
order to nominate persons who have not been and are not involved in
this process, like Rick White and Carl Bildt, for purely political

Is the Names Council going to condone these unfair and undemocratic

Is the DNSO General Assembly going to permit them to get away with

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