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[ga] Close of nominations for the election of ICANN Board members

[To: council@dnso.org]
[To: announce@dnso.org, ga@dnso.org]

[from http://www.dnso.org/dnso-icann-nominees.html]


                      DNSO nominees and their supports
                    DNSO election of ICANN Board members

     Close of nominations for the election of ICANN Board members:

     The list icann-nominations@dnso.org was closed on October 8th, 18:30 CET.
     Since then all e-mails sent to that list return to the sender with a
     Delivery Report "User unknown".

     As of Oct 8th, 18:00 CET the dnso.org server is up and running since 43
     days, without any interruption, if any difficulties arrised to send an
     e-mail to icann-nominations@dnso.org, the reasons were outside the
     dnso.org server itself.

     Six (6) messages arrived to the dnso.org server between 18:00 and 18:30
     CET, and were recorded. All are indicated with (*) mark at the end of a
     corresponding line.

     Fourteen (14) nominees get the support from at least ten (10) different
     persons and send the acceptance of a nomination.

     All five (5) geographic regions are represented: Africa (1), AsiaPac
     (2), Europe (3), LatinAC (2), NorthA (6).

     Candidates in alphabetical order:

       1. Amadeu Abril i Abril (Europe)
       2. Karl Auerbach (NorthA)
       3. Jonathan Cohen (NorthA)
       4. Peter Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
       5. David W. Maher (NorthA)
       6. Naomasa Maruyama (AsiaPac)
       7. Alejandro Pisanty (LatinAC)
       8. Nii Quaynor (Africa)
       9. Dan Steinberg (NorthA)
      10. Donald N. Telage (NorthA)
      11. Stefano Trumpy (Europe)
      12. Edmundo Valenti (LatinAC)
      13. Dany Vandromme (Europe)
      14. Rick White (NorthA)


                 Information from:   DNSO Names Council