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Re: [ga] Cross-posting

Definitely the best defense of spamming I have seen in a long time.

But some of us think that, as part of our consensus building process, we 
need to keep spammers out by not allowing cross-posting.


At 10:44 8/10/99 -0700, Karl Auerbach wrote:

> > I would like to remind you that the GA and other DNSO lists have strict
> > anti cross-posting rules that are enforced to avoid spamming. These are
> > clearly published in the ww.dnso.org website.
>The GA has not, to my knowledge, adopted such a rule.
>Nor is it within the power of the Names Council to dictate or impose such
>a rule.
>Nor is it an appropriate rule.  Indeed we have a current example of the
>folly of such a rule as demonstrated in an ongoing discussion that is of
>mutually interest to both the NC and the GA.
>If the GA imposes such a rule, I will suggest to the GA that we establish
>a distinct mailing list for our own purposes free of manipulation by the
>names council.
>The names council is, of course, free to establish its own policies,
>which, if it involves filtering cross postings, is reminiscent of the
>three monkeys - one with its hands over its ears, one with its hands over
>its eyes, and one with its hands over its mouth.  In other words,
>self-imposed isolation and thus increased irrelevancy.
>                 --karl--