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Re: [ga] Cross-posting

> I would like to remind you that the GA and other DNSO lists have strict 
> anti cross-posting rules that are enforced to avoid spamming. These are 
> clearly published in the ww.dnso.org website.

The GA has not, to my knowledge, adopted such a rule.

Nor is it within the power of the Names Council to dictate or impose such
a rule.

Nor is it an appropriate rule.  Indeed we have a current example of the
folly of such a rule as demonstrated in an ongoing discussion that is of
mutually interest to both the NC and the GA.

If the GA imposes such a rule, I will suggest to the GA that we establish
a distinct mailing list for our own purposes free of manipulation by the
names council.

The names council is, of course, free to establish its own policies,
which, if it involves filtering cross postings, is reminiscent of the
three monkeys - one with its hands over its ears, one with its hands over
its eyes, and one with its hands over its mouth.  In other words,
self-imposed isolation and thus increased irrelevancy.