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[ga] Re: your mail

> > I would personally have preferred not to have pre-formed constituencies,
> > but rather allow coalitions to form, evolve, and disolve over time.
> [SNAP]
> Why dont you read the section in the bylaws, where it is written,
> that "almost" everyons can create a constituency ?
> See:

I've tried (and am continuing to try.)

The practical fact of the matter is that it is virtually impossible to
form new constituencies.  The Non-commercial, which was one of the
original seven pre-chartered ones, had a rough time.

Getting one through for people who own domain names has proven impossible.

"Self-organizing" has proven to be less than a truism.

I might add that I also said "evolve, and disolve", neaing that no
constituency should obtain any presumption as to its continued existance,
but, rather, should have to demonstrate its continued viability and