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Re: [ga] Elections

Roberto wrote:

> Folks,
> The nomination period is about to end, and time is coming for the election
> of the three ICANN Directors.
> I would have liked the GA to elect the BoD members, but since according to
> the Bylaws this is the prerogative of the Council, the only thing we can do
> now is to explain our choices of names, hoping that the Council will use
> this thread as input.

Roberto, I too would have liked the GA to elect the BoD members and certainly 
explaining our choices of names is better than doing nothing at all, but the 
fact remains we are at the whim of the primarily unelected Council.  Further, 
I have a questhow do we even practically *choose* who we decide deserves an 

> I firmly believe that we should go beyond the simple pick of names and short
> message to icann-nominations@dnso.org, but that we should really do some
> "campaign" for the candidates we support, making sure that the Council has
> all the input for its decision, and that it will listen to the voice of the
> individuals debating in this list.
> I am confident that this thread, if followed up, will contain only
> statements "in support of" candidates, not statements "against" candidates.
> We have had already too much of the "against" stuff ;>(.

I like this concept. But what do we do with the statements?  Do we add them up?
Use STV? Discusss the results and consequent wording of our choices? I think a 
few more details are required, but this may be workable.  We just 
(unfortunately) have to get this done *before* we start the voting process. It 
is simply not a good idea to change the process once it has begun, and there 
will be significant scrutiny of our efforts.
> My choice has been for one person per ICANN Region.
> I believe in geographical distribution and thought that I should apply this
> rule also in limiting the nominations to one per region. I know that some
> formerly good friends will not be happy with not having received my support,
> but I hope that they understand the reason behind it.
After this I sense a potential conflict-of-interest as I am a candidate.
But I applaud Roberto's recoginition that the structure imposes difficult 
choices in the interest of geographic diversity.  And quite frankly I would 
have a hard time arguing with his choices, even thoug given the geographic 
context it means he cant vote for me <G>.

> Among the candidates from Latin America, I support Edmundo Valenti.
> He may be not as well-known outside his Region, but those who have
> relationship with Latin America know him.
> Besides the personal knowledge, I believe that ISPs have to be represented
> in the Board, and as ICANN's decision has been to accept the RIRs proposal
> for ASO, therefore letting ISPs out of it, the only chance they have is via
> the DNSO.
> I hope that Alejandro and Oscar realize that I had a very hard time in
> making my choice for this region.
> >From North America, I support Karl Auerbach.
> I know I disagree often with him, on the different lists and in personal
> messages, but I believe he will be the person that will make sure that small
> business, individuals, and otherwise disenfranchised categories of people
> have a point of reference in ICANN's Board.
> I believe that it will be a very dangerous sign if the Council will elect to
> the Board only people that are connected with large business, TradeMark
> interests, and techies (like Registries, Registrars, ISPs, ...), and I would
> like to make sure that somebody that has in his heart the interests and
> expectations of the "ordinary people" is onBoard ;>).
> My choice from Africa is Nii Quaynor.
> I am expecting from him not only to fight for a better understanding in
> ICANN of the problems of the parts of the planet that have had a different
> cultural evolution, like Africa, but also for a different and more important
> role of the General Assemblies in the life of the organization.
> I never had the honour to meet in person Naomasa Maruyama, my choice for the
> Asia Pacific.
> Or maybe I did, in Tokio two years ago - the day before the first General
> Meeting of CORE, but it was in a situation in which I met many new people at
> the same time, and didn't remember all the faces.
> Anyway, I have heard a lot about him, and about his activity not only in
> JPNIC, but in general for the Internet.
> Last but not least, my good old friend Amadeu Abril i Abril, European like
> myself, one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated persons I know, that
> shares with Karl Auerbach the unique ability of convincing me that I'm wrong
> (no wonder they are both lawyers).
> Also, a person who is not afraid to openly say what he thinks, even if it
> will make him impopular.
> Regards
> Roberto
Dan Steinberg
Synthesis: Law & Technology

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