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[ga] DNSO Expenses

If we're not careful, the DNSO could become excessively expensive. 

We now have nine discrete components within the DNSO: seven
constituencies, a Names Council, and a General Assembly. Many of the seven
constituencies now have, or are in the process of creating, their own
"secretariat" to provide necessary support. And recent threads have
proposed the creation of a General Assembly "AdCom" to support and unify
the GA. All of these separate supporting groups will come at some cost to
the DNSO's members.

Many of us active on this list were involved in drafting various proposals
to create the DNSO. One of the themes of many proposals was that the DNSO
should be "lightweight." As we continue to build the DNSO's
infrastructure, that theme is worth remembering. If we build in too many
layers of bureaucracy, we may move the cost of participation beyond the
reach of many small and individual stakeholders. I think it's safe to say
that the vast majority of people on this list would like to see ICANN and
the DNSO succeed and are willing to contribute the time and money to make
that possible. Let's make sure that the monetary contribution we seek from
participants is within a reasonable range.

To that end, let me suggest two things that I hope can keep our costs
under control. First, rather than creating and funding nine different
"secretariats" to support each of the DNSO's bodies, could we create one
secretariat that would provide support to *all* of the DNSO? Surely there
will be efficiencies in coordinating the support function across all
constituencies, the NC, and the GA.

Second, can we specify the support services that we need and seek
volunteers to provide them? A list of necessary services begins with:

  * web hosting,
  * web maintenance (for each of the 9 bodies)
  * mailing list services (for each of the 9 bodies)
  * voting support
  * drafting of announcements,
  * teleconference support for the NC, and
  * webcasting for NC and GA meetings.

I'm sure this is only a partial list. Some of these are trivial, and some
are significant. But in whatever form they come, in kind contributions to
the DNSO should be welcomed. Many participants, I'm sure, who would be
more than willing to provide free webmaster/list owner support would find
annual constituency dues of US $750 onerous. A small "secretariat" could
serve to coordinate these volunteers.

The two suggestions above may not be the right solution, but I urge
everyone to consider the cost issue as we move forward.

        -- Bret