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Re: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

Karl Auerbach wrote:
> The GA is a distinct body, it is free to organize itself in whatever
> manner it sees fit subject only to those very few powers of the NC,
> enumerated in the ICANN bylaws, to establish certain specific and limited
> procedures for the GA.

Correct, of course, so far as the bylaws go. But no one pays any
attention to the bylaws when it's a question of the few
democratic-seeming measures in them. The camp-followers and
sycophants who have joined the DNSO as its General Assembly will
humbly accept that the NC controls them by, for example, disallowing
the formation of a GA Administrative Committee, or by reducing its
powers so that it can be overruled by the NC. The precedent for this
was set in Chile with the overruling of the GA motion to accept the
Individual Users' Constituency. Since no stand was made then, it
follows that neither the GA nor an Adcom will have any authority
independent of the Names Council.

So long as the present bunch of fascists and toadies compose the
DNSO, the General Assembly will never be any more than a rubber
stamp for the policies of CORE, ISOC, and their trumped-up ICANN

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