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Re: RE: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

The problem comes from the point that when you do a REPLY the
option "To: " is filled with the name of the person who has send the message.
In that  way many users find natural to fill the "Cc:" with the name of the
list (ga@dnso.org) and, according with the explanation given,
the message will not arrive to every member subscribed to the GA list.

Somebody told me once in my life, "do a REPLY ALL"... sorry folks,
no all the email client software walking around in the internet has that
option... some have just a plain "REPLY" and the reply goes to the name
that is indicated by the list server... (the person who sends the message
or the name of the list).

So... it is up to the List administrator to decide if the REPLY must go to
the person who has send or to the General List.  The second option would
be safer, open, transparent and easier... but many list administrators dont
like because all the "garbage" that the users send each other goes to the
whole community subscribed to the list :-(

But... hey! this is the General Asambly (sp!) List... so... are sending to much
garbage each other ? is there the risk of a ton of messages every day ?
I dont think so... I hope so!  I ask the list administrator to change the system,
so the REPLY will go to the GA LIST

Enough for today.  (just one asking by day, ok?)

ooops! I forgot to congratulate Vany Martines and Roberto Gaetano who I know from
different meetings... great people both! Keep working!

Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru.

At 5/10/99 8:37:00 AM, you wrote:
>If you continue cc'ing to a list that is longer than 1024 chars it will
>never work.
>If you had sticked to the rules, it would have worked (as for everybody
>In other words, the GA list is like a hammer or a screwdriver: it works if
>you know how to use it.
>Hint: all subscribers to GA are receiving my messages, if I don't copy them
>"urbi et orbi".