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Re: RE: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

Alejandro Pisanty wrote:
>May I also suggest that we take steps to invite members of the
>constituencies to participate more in GA activities inasmuch as possible,
>in order not to have the GA assume more and more the characteristics of a
>constituency of its own.

I support this idea that comes from our mexican friend Alejandro.
If we want the GA list becomes "THE" list where all the DNSO themes are
talked in depth (sp!) and a point of reference for other people related to
the ICANN process tha maybe not are aware of the technical, comercial,
daily issues (like some of the GAC members who are diplomatics, ambassadors,
who dont need to know so much about the internet but ARE members of the

Lets invite members of other constituencies AND members of other bodies
of the ICANN.

Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru.
Javier Rodriguez                   jrl@mail.lima.net.pe