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RE: [ga] draft agenda for GA meeting in LA


I agree for all points you stated but I would like to add some missing
points in this agenda:
First: there is no business plan or at least we need to talk about the
funding of the DNSO. As far as I know the DNSO is currently owning money to
the Berkman center for example. 
Who will pay? How the funding will be managed in the future ? Who will
manage the account? Who will be responsible for the account? 
Do we need to establish a membership fee per member or each constituency
will be responsible for a part of the funding and at which level? Is it fair
to have all constituencies to participate the same amount or do we  take
into account the number of members? 
Secondly: The DNSO has been established to handle the Domain Name management
and this agenda doesn't reflect that. I think the recent tentative of
agreement between NSI/ICANN and the DoC and the testbed period must have a
place in this DNSO GA. 

Hope this will help.

Jean Michel Bécar
E.T.S.I. Project Manager
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dr. Nii N. Quaynor [mailto:quaynor@ghana.com]
> Sent: 05 October 1999 17:29
> To: General Assembly of the DNSO
> Subject: [ga] draft agenda for GA meeting in LA
> A draft of a proposed agenda is included based on discussions 
> on the list so
> far. Your input is sought to refine it. Furthermore, the 
> issue of  virtues
> of a GA Adcom has been placed on the agenda to offer more 
> opportunity for
> members to further develop or challenge the concept.
> It will be useful to agree on an agenda by the 15 October.
> Regards,
> Nii
> =============================================================
> DNSO General Assembly - LA
> 14:00 DNSO management/administration
> (Objective: Confirmation of Santiago GA meeting minutes)
> Responsible: NC Chair and GA Chair
> 14:05 Meeting with newly elected ICANN Board members from the DNSO
> (Objective: Introductions and opening of lines of Communication)
> 14:30 Update from the ICANN Board
> (Objective: an update on the ICANN Board)
> Responsible: ICANN
> 14:45 Update from the Names Council
> (Objective: a progress report on the proposals for the administration
> of the DNSO)
> Responsible: NC Chair
> 15:15 Report from the Recognized, and Emerging  DNSO 
> Constituency Meetings
> (Objective: to provide the General Assembly with an understanding of
> each DNSO Constituency, its membership, its priority issues, 
> status, etc. )
> Responsible: Constituency Reps
> 16:00 Break
> 16:30 Review of Working Groups
> Working Groups established by the Interim Names Council
> (Objective: to scope the current work of the DNSO and to establish
> who is already involved and working on the issues identified. To
> identify current working group leaders and members.)
> Responsible: Working Group Co-Chairs
> 17:30 Strengthening Relationship between Names Council and 
> General Assembly
> (Objective: Open Discussion - Identify opportunities to increase
> communication,
> effectiveness of the General Assembly, GA Adcom )
> Responsible: NC Chair and GA Chair
> 18:30 Close