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Re: [ga] draft agenda for GA meeting in LA

"Dr. Nii N. Quaynor" wrote:

> =============================================================
> DNSO General Assembly - LA
> 14:00 DNSO management/administration
> (Objective: Confirmation of Santiago GA meeting minutes)
> Responsible: NC Chair and GA Chair

Nii, I think there is a confusion here. The GA is suposed to be hold
on Tuesday morning. Consituency meetings have been moved to Monday.

Elisabeth, could you clarify this point, plese?

> 14:45 Update from the Names Council
> (Objective: a progress report on the proposals for the administration
> of the DNSO)
> Responsible: NC Chair

NC has no Chair. But we have apponted Jonathan Cohen as LA Meeting
Chair. Please contact him in order to arrange this part.


> 18:30 Close

As always, I am bit surpised that no DNSO business other than
organisation is included. Perhaps you would like adding a report about
the gTLD registry/registrar testbed. And perhaps the agrements between
NSI, DoC and ICANN should also have a short place. At lest to make
sure everybody is informed about the daily business in DNSO world...

Best regards,