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[ga] Please excuse my ignorance/confusion

Does this only relate to the formation of a committee to
oversee the formation of  the GA Adcom (Administrative

Would the Adcom manage all DNSO elections?  What role would
role would the Adcom have in board elections?

     -------- Original Message --------
     From: "Dr. Nii N. Quaynor" <quaynor@ghana.com>
     Subject: [ga] GA Adcom Election Committee
     To: "General Assembly of the DNSO" <ga@dnso.org>

     Dear All,

     There is consensus that an elected GA Adcom should
     established. We have subsequently received a
     number of suggestions on preferred
     election procedures and also relations to the NC,
     including potential
     bylaws modifications.

     In the meantime, we should advance the process by
     forming a
     small group, an "election committee" from the GA
     to draft the election
     announcement and manage the voting. We

Is this reference (we) to the Names Council?

     believe that a simple method is
     preferred and each GA member should have a single
     vote to cast for each regional

Does this contemplate that North Americans will vote for
Asia-Pacific "representatives" and visa versa?

     Members of the election committee, in fairness to
     contestants, should be persons who do not intend
     to run for a GA Adcom seat.

     This is therefore a call for three volunteers to
     kick of the
     process. The volunteers should be recommended and
     the volunteer must

     The election committee needs to be in-place by
     October, 9.
     We allow for 2 weeks of nominating candidates for
     the Adcom and a week for
     voting just-in-time for LA when the Adcom will be


What will be its functions at that point?