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[ga] Nomination of MARUYAMA, Naomasa

1. Full name: Yumi Ohashi

2. E-mail address: yumi@nic.ad.jp

3. Organization you work for (if apply): Japan Network Information Center 

4. Name of the person being nominated or supported:  Naomasa MARUYAMA

   On Oct. 4 1999, Board of Trustees of the Japan Network Information
Center(JPNIC) resolved to nominate Naomasa MARUYAMA for a seat on the
ICANN Board from DNSO.

   Naomasa MARUYAMA, who is currently serving as the vice President of
JPNIC, is an associate professor in the Institute of Statistical
Mathematics in Tokyo.  Before the current position, he was an
assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics of the University
of Tokyo until March of 1989.

   While he was just using the Internet as a user from 1987 to 1991,
he was involved in the formation, took place in December of 1991, of
the voluntary group, JNIC, which managed .JP ccTLD registry and IP
address assignment undertakings.  At that time he mainly worked for
domain name issues of .JP.

   After 16 months' activity, JNIC was reformed into the membership
organization, JPNIC, in April of 1993, whose financial source was
based upon membership fees from ISPs.  MARUYAMA also worked for JPNIC
from the very beginning.  For the first two years, he mainly worked
for domain name issues and publicity.  Then in April of 1995, he was
appointed to be the secretary-general of JPNIC, and elected as a
Trustee in May of 1995.  As the secretary-general, he experienced lots
of things including the introduction of domain name and IP address
assignment fees in June of 1995, incorporating of the organization as
a legally registered public entity under the Civil Code of Japan on
Mar. 31, 1997, and etc.  When the JPNIC became legally registered
organization, he was elected as a Vice President.

   Relating to the IAHC/IFWP/ICANN process, he worked for the 'Information
Session of the gTLD-MoU' in Tokyo hosted by JPNIC on Nov. 7 1997.  Now
he serves for ICANN Task Force on Funding.

   As is shown above, his experiences in JNIC and JPNIC are not
limited to domain name issues but also include IP address assignment
undertaking to users in Japan, corporation management, and legal
problems.  He is not an internet technology engineer, while he has
enough knowledge about the technology, so that he is able to consider
these ICANN related issues from very broad point of view.  That is the
reason why JPNIC BoT deems him to be a suitable candidate for an ICANN

Yumi Ohashi
Senior Staff, International Affairs Department
Japan Network Information Center(JPNIC)