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RE: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom: a little modification to Elizabeth's Proposal

Elizabeth and all:

Your proposal is good and simpliest but I wish to propose a little change
to it because
with the actual schedule you propose, I feel the GA wouldn't have any control
over their own AdCom election.

1.  General Assembly call for nominations: 2 or 3 by regions, with
alternates, etc.
2.  General Assembly elects the AdCom among nominees
3.  Only after General Assembly elects the AdCom, then Names Council elects
    from the AdCom elected who will be the Chairman of GA.

With this I think the General Assembly can has more autonomy, 
and in the same way this procedure is not against ICANN by laws 
about election of the GA Chairman be done by
Names Council, because in fact, General Assembly is presenting to
the Names Council, five candidates for Chairman: the members of the
AdCom elected!


Best Regards

>We need also to take into account the ICANN Bylaws,
>   http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm
>Article VI, Section 2
>   (i) The NC shall elect the Chairman of the GA annually
>I would suggest the GA prepares for election of the 5 members
>for the AdCom, make a call for nominations, find more than
>5 candidates (ideally 2 or 3 from each region would be fine)
>willing to run for AdCom position for one year, 2000.
>Then the NC could vote for the GA Chairman among those
>nominees, and once the Chair choosen, the GA could decide about
>the reminding 4 members of the AdCom (in this order, because
>the geographic region of the elected Chair will impact on
>the 4 members of the AdCom).
>Look like collective work, taking into account both
>the Bylaws and the GA will.
>Some recent experience indicate that it would be wise to
>have a replacement for any position, i.e. not only
>5 AdCom, but also alternates.
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