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[ga] LA Meeting Schedule's Coordination

Dear those who have shown your interests in LA meeting schedule,

First, thank you so much for your inputs and ideas.

Presuming people agreed upon that the suggested LA schedule
by Names Council and Berkman Center,
I'd like to bring up some alternative for WGs.

If we can have schedule coordination 
between "four" WGs and "seven" constituencies
together with IANA ccTLD managers meeting, 
added up to "12" on Monday.

Therefore, under the condition that each constituency
might have a half-day meeing, if there are "SIX" rooms available,
the staggered room-and-time allocation would make every party
have a room and appropriate time slot for their meeitng instead of 
evening when most people are dying to go out for their social events.

Desirably each WG or constituency comes up with its own schedule 
as soon as possible not to clash the other WGs' or constituencies',
and publicizes the schedule both in the "GA" list and "DNSO" website.

For example, 
Moday Morning: IANA ccTLD Manager Meeting
Monday afternoon: ccTLD constituency

These are confirmed schedules so far on Monday.
NCDNHC would come up with its fixed one soon after 
next AdCom meeting(Oct. 6 or 7, not fixed yet).


Could you help this kind of coordination?
I know you have been snowed in a lot of works, though. 

Could I have your opinion about this?


YJ Park