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Re: [council] Re: [ga] Meeting Schedule of General Assembly in Los Angeles on November 2

Hello Roberto,

> Maybe I am interpreting the agenda incorrectly, but the slot for WGs is
> exactly what is missing.

> WG meetings will either overlap with Constituency meetings or with GA (or
> with Council).

The idea was to have the Working Groups meet either on
Monday evening, or Tuesday evening.  I believe Wednesday evening
is also available.  They will not be overlapping with any of
the other DNSO related meetings.

> The only possibility I see is to have the Council meeting (that involves in
> principle less people) at a less convenient timing, like the evening of
> Tuesday.

That possibility was discussed.  Many NC members argued that
later times would be less advantageous for the webcast - as it
would be very late for the East coast of the US, and after midnight
in Europe.  Personally, I will probably be getting alert in the
evening, since it will be my morning (Japan time) so either
one was fine with me.  I personally believe that the schedule
is less than perfect, but it is wrapped around the ICANN board
meeting, and some other pre-scheduled meeting (one is an IANA
ccTLD manager meeting in Monday morning.)

> Exactly.
> But that should be for Council (or at worse for WGs), not for GA.

The GA will be held Tuesday morning.

> I wonder why we lose time in the GA mailing lists to reach consensus if
> everything is decided by the Council regardless the input.
> ;>) or :>( - depending on POV

I would hope that everyone understands that there was simply
not enough time to have 1/2 day meetings for every group of
the DNSO.  I honestly think that it is in the DNSO's best interest
as a functioning unit to have the NC meet before the ICANN
board - this was the biggest time clash.  We can do better next

Best regards,